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Gifts for Holistic Wellness Seekers

  • Organic Labs Teeth Whitening Charcoal

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    IT'S BLACK, IT'S MESSY but after you are done, you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face. So hurry. Click ADD TO CART NOW !
    NATURAL WHITENING and STAIN REMOVAL – A healthy alternative to whiter teeth and healthy gums without any harsh chemicals. Safe for everyday use. This bundle includes 30gr jar of natural activated coconut charcoal + 2 charcoal infused brushes (colors may vary).
    100% ORGANIC BASED INGREDIENTS – It doesn't only safely cleans and polishes teeth, straitens enamel, improves gum health and freshens breath, BUT ALSO fights cavities, plaque, bacteria gingivitis and prevents tooth decay. Food grade.

  • Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser

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    Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser with natural outer shell crafted from exotic bamboo wood. Made of safe, health­friendly materials, BPA free.
    4 Working Modes: Continuous Mist/ interval Mist/ 2 Hrs Mist Timer / 1 Hr Mist Timer.
    Safe Auto off: No heat involved, no risk of burns, it automatically turns off when running out of water.

  • Bamboo Straws

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    MADE BY THE HANDS OF BALINESE ARTISANS: This alternative to acrylic drinking straws is made by the hands of local Bali artisans. Sourced from the mountains of Bali, this bamboo is the perfect material and a great organic substitute to the plastic straw we're all used to.
    REUSABLE STRAW: Cut down on your straw expenses by using our Bamboo Drinking Straws! You can use these bamboo straws for as long as you want and nope, these won't rot. You won't have to buy those plastic straws ever again.
    GO GREEN: The Bamboo Drinking Straw is fun, functional, and Earth friendly. While most people use glass straws and stainless steel straws as alternatives to plastic straws, the Bamboo Drinking Straw is a much more Eco-friendly alternative since it's made of organic material.

  • Bowie Yoga Strap

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  • Horatio Yoga Strap

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  • Glass Tea Pot

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    700 ml Capacity
    Clear delicate Hario Japanese glassware
    Easy to use

  • Death Star Tea Infuser

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    Tea infuser molded to look like the Death Star
    Materials: Stainless Steel
    Fill with your favorite loose leaf tea

  • Hand Exercise Balls

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    Includes three color-coded balls of varying resistance (soft, medium, and firm and full-color illustrated exercise guide
    Keep your fingers, hands and forearms supple and strong
    Improves strength, releases stiffness, and relieves joint pain

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  • Tealux Matcha Tea Powder

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    Pure Premium Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder.
    From Uji, Kyoto, Japan.
    Healthy drink, high in antioxidant.